Company Overview

Stander Research Associates, Inc. is an independent marketing planning and research firm organized to assist management in the critical areas of new product planning and strategic market research. The central guiding principle to which the firm adheres closely is that all projects must be highly strategic in character, rather than being merely descriptive. The benefit to clients is that the research is designed to lead to actionable results and solid direction instead of an endless myriad of detailed findings which fail to enlighten management. This underlying philosophy is clearly evident in the firm's full range of highly specialized information services.

The New Product Planning services are directed primarily at these areas:

  • Brand Focusing & Strategy Development
  • Concept Building & Idea Generation
  • Future Customer Need Searches
  • Strategic Brainstorming & Marketing Consultation

The Strategic Market Research projects normally involve the following types of research activities . . .

  • Customer Relationship Marketing Studies
  • Advertising & Website Evaluation Studies
  • New Product Concept Tests
  • Market Tracking & Life Style Studies
  • Brand Building & Corporate Identity Studies